Friday, January 16, 2009

If you fall, I will catch you. I'll be waiting.

At first glance, the Sabourin household might seem awfully conventional, unexciting, in that my family and I are rarely called upon to risk our lives by fighting evil and injustice or, let's face it, to even put real, non-jammies, clothes on before lunchtime.

I'll have you know, however, that we are certainly no strangers to bravery or nail biting drama.

I'm not sure all of what happened prior, to tell you the truth, but what I witnessed in our very own living room was, I am certain, nothing short of heroicism. It was Tri-bot's time to shine, to showcase his quick and steady reflexes in the midst of danger. And Barbie? She's recovering, and reflecting on past choices that, in retrospect, were probably less than wise.

What? Get out more?

 I'm delirious? 

Well if those of you living in regions warm and mild who have graciously expressed their interest in having us as neighbors wouldn't mind, we'd liked to be picked up now.

I will be waiting. :)


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Hey Molly!

Did you ever see the movie, Strictly Ballroom? It is excellent and makes good use of the song,
Time After Time.

Fr C

Kelleylynn said...

Laughing so hard! You are making fun out of being shut-ins! Instead of picking you up...would you rather have company :D ?

Marsha said...

I really love this song, though Randy on "My Name is Earl" kind of ruined it for me.

And Molly sorry to disappoint, but it's frigidly cold, like 7 degrees this morning, and we are sitting here in our jammies at 11:52.

I would however make you a nice cup of warming Good earth sweet and spicey tea!

Molly Sabourin said...

Yes! I'll take some visitors and some spicy tea and a good movie (Thanks for the recommendation, Father Christian. I am always looking for something decent to rent.)!

Anonymous said...

Listen Molly,

There is LOTS of room on this island, and lots of jobs in Troy's field, and of course, your work travels. Perhaps you could just come for a year?

Anonymous said...

I'm having to post as Anon, can't quite figure out why. But that was me, you know, Jenny, one of your few friends who does live on an island!