Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here comes the sun?

Apparently Kmart knows something the rest of us don't because yesterday, when the kids and I stopped in there before heading over to the library, it looked like they were gearing up for a full on beach party. With our chapped lips, lingering coughs and in multiple layers of outerwear, we stared awe struck and not a little confused at the patio sets and gazebos next to aisles of bubbles, jump ropes and squirt guns. It is still January, am I right? And in the Midwest, winter lasts well into March, even April.

But who is to say that Martha Stewart hasn't concocted from out of phyllo dough and decorative tissue paper an early (and elegant) spring? Perhaps Ms. Stewart, Kmart and their lucrative Everyday brand are going to surprise us with a warm and sunny February.
Well now, wouldn't that be a good thing?


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Sometimes during times of extended winter I have had this theory that if a bunch of us were to get together in wearing summer clothes and drinking ice cold Sunkist soda, God might look down and think, "Hey! It must be summer!" and proceed to change the weather. Just a theory.

Michelle said...

Molly - next time you stop in at Kmart see if they have swimming goggles (I need 3 pair) and a wake board shirt for Nathaniel. (His swim teacher called it a 'rash shirt' - maybe Troy knows what it is.) Wal-Mart is not so forward thinking as Kmart, and I need them for swimming lessons. :)

Enjoy the sun! I am, even though it's cold.

Jared and Beth said...

Before I launch into vacuuming my play-doh crusted carpet, I thought I would tell you that Thomas likes the your version of the song better.

Jared and Beth said...

I've been trying to figure out who was responsible for global warming. Now I know, its Martha Stewart.

Molly Sabourin said...

Well I think Mary agrees with your theory, Father Christian! She has been pulling out her summer wear for a change of pace but alas, it is as cold as ever around here.

Jared! Oh Jared. Only you and your fancy reasoning skills could have solved such a sticky mystery as global warming. Now if only I could find some answers for my other burning questions regarding what is known in the theatre business as a "green room." ;-).

I just saw some googles, Michelle, over at Costco!