Friday, February 13, 2009

read us any rule we'll break it

I like to call these two Laverne and Shirley. My Mary and her cousin, Jane, could not look more opposite. They bicker, dream up hair-brained ideas, and are fiercely loyal to one another. It makes my sister-in-law, Paige, and I laugh to watch them interact. It's like my husband, Troy, and my brother, Bobby, have gone back in time and become inseparable little girls. It is weird as a parent to see your spouse's features on the face of your child - weird and completely endearing.

On another note, we are leaving in the morning to spend a long weekend at my in-laws. I am so looking forward to it. Papa and Nana (I know you are reading this and thank you for that), break out the cereal and ice cream! :)


Jeanette said...

Your inlaws don't happen to live anywhere near Bowling Green,KY do they? That isn't terribly likely, I know. I do hope that someday our paths cross. We share much in common... just not geography! Have a great trip!

Kelleylynn said...


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

perfect music for this post! I hope you are doing well!

Never heard the word impossible.