Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indiana Awesome

When any of their grandsons turn ten, Troy's parents (A.K.A Papa and Nana) take them to the Lego store and let them pick out something especially grand. For months, Elijah has been talking about it, dreaming about it, deciding what to get and then changing his mind. This past weekend, his time to shop for that perfect Lego something had finally arrived. When we picked him up, he was beaming. In one hand was a gigantic Lego bag and in the other, a much smaller one from McDonalds.

He chose Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Since Monday night, he has been busy piecing together an impressively realistic, adventure fraught, play scene complete with trap doors and evil enemies half the size of my thumb. It is cool - so cool, in fact, Elijah declared it an even better gift then the Nintendo DS (the one he keeps desperately begging for and we keep not buying him because, first of all, its too expensive and him owning it would mean he'd never make eye contact with us again) would have been.

In an effort to save his birthday treasure from the same tragic fate of so many other toys and games we've broken and scattered, Priscilla, Ben and Mary have been forbidden to touch and/or breath on any of the Lego blocks that comprise this specific set. The girls, for the most part, are fine with this but Benji, oh boy, he is struggling. It was just my fingernail!, he yelled this afternoon when Elijah accused him of breaking the Sabourin commandment by brushing his pinky against the whip in Indiana's c-shaped hand, I didn't even feel it!

Hold on buddy! Only four years from now, it will be your turn!


Kelly said...

What a great tradition! Madi has just begun the imagination and pretend play stage, and it is so much fun. I can't wait until yard sale season to begin fostering this desire with toys, such as legos, that require her to interact and build skills.

Has said...

Oh poor Benji!

I always struggle with the matter of siblings sharing toys. I feel they really ought to share, but the fact is they also have their own special toys, and some children do break and lost stuff more than others, and it's hard to manage.

Jared said...

Fortune and glory!

I can't wait to see the set this weekend. It will be almost as good as owning it myself. (He'll have to search the van before we leave to be sure I'm not making off with any of his treasure.)


Fr. James Early said...

Ah, the Lego store...what a wonderful place! We had one open here in Houston recently. As part of the opening-day hoopla, we were priviliged to see a "Lego Master Builder" put the finishing touches on a 9 foot high statue of Boba Fett--all made from Lego bricks, of course. It was quite a sight!

And yes, I agree that every child should have at least one or two toys that are off-limits to the siblings.