Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How a spy catches a ball

Oh Benjamin,

I adore you - especially on a full stomach and after two cups of coffee and eight hours of sleep. I find it very endearing that:

1. Like Pigpen on the Peanuts, dirt and random messes are attracted to your skin and hair with magnetic-like force.

2. When referring to a single item of clothing, you use the word, "Clo". As in, "After I take off this Church Clo (your plaid button up shirt), I'll be ready to play outside."

3. You sing like Pavarotti.

4. Your eyes and smile are as large and sparkling as "two clear lakes and a shining sun" (Elijah just offered me those dramatic similes and I am totally going with them).

5. You waved down our neighborhood ice cream truck in order to tell the driver that, unfortunately, on that day, you were not going to be able to buy any ice cream.

6. During your Library group, you informed the visiting Firemen that you didn't need a smoke alarm to wake you up because you sleep with your eyes open (to which your teacher replied, "I bet you do, Ben").

7. Last Sunday, more than half-way through Liturgy, I noticed your khaki pants were on backwards.

8. You want to marry someone "curly," just like me.

You keep us laughing, Oh my, always laughing and in continuous, fervent, prayer. Please, darling, I'm begging you, put down that stick, get off the hood of our minivan, hand me that permanent marker and let me hold you for a minute or two. My friends, I believe wholeheartedly that everyone should have access to a "Benji," to keep them guessing, gasping, and from ever, ever, ever again complaining that life is boring.


Dove Knits said...

I LOVE the ice cream truck story! And Clo. It makes perfect sense! It sounds like "clos," so of couse one would be a "clo"!

kelleylynn said...

Completely related to the backward pants half way through Liturgy ROFLOL!!!!!!!
We are graced with a "Bengi" and his name is "Luke-y"
We pray A LOT! and yes, indeed...Life is not, in the least bit, ever boring. God knew that I needed to build a sense of humor giving us this child.
Now...where did Luke go...? Oh! Thank Goodness -- he is fast asleep!

Laura said...

This was wonderful to read!

Sally said...

How funny...that's what Sara said when she was little and referred to one item of clothing.

swede said...

Oh Ben! I love him extra.