Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite things

This past weekend, I picked up four Hanna Andersson fall dresses for Priscilla at ...yes, you guessed it, a garage sale. The neighbor I bought them from said her own daughter wore them once and then firmly refused to put them (or any dresses for that matter)back on again. They are sturdy and festive and refreshingly age appropriate. Ours will be a wonderful home for such sweet depictions of femininity because absolutely no tomboys live here - only two little girly-girls and their girly-girl mother, all of whom love sugar and spice and everything nice - all of whom agree that sparkly barrettes, patterned tights, and golden crowns with plastic jewels will never ever go out of style.


Sara said...

So cute! We love the girly stuff too. We go for the age appropriate clothes too. No bare tummies for us!

Molly Sabourin said...

Aww, I wish our kids could play together! We have to figure out a way to someday have a reunion!

Sh. Kelleylynn said...

I've always fancied this catalog but far too expensive. Indeed, a great find!
We love the girly stuff too!
Our older one, Hannah, tends to lean towards the "trend" but she has shown maturity in her choices of attire. Whew!
On the other hand, Mary Katherine -only 5, would like to die her hair PINK! She is somewhat radical...this can be good, right? Should I begin to worry? :) She did say pink...great color choice!