Monday, June 23, 2008

Who'll buy my wheat, who'll buy my corn?

It's certainly not that I've enjoyed overpaying for pesticide infused produce at the mega-sized box store twelve miles down the road, its just I've been a little too frazzled lately ( and by "lately," I mean the last nine years or so) to think seriously about an alternative solution. This month, however, a particularly nasty grocery bill, my "values sharing but more ambitious than me" sister-in-law (Hi Paige!), and heart breaking news of flooded farm lands in Iowa, all inspired me to think more seriously about where, exactly, I am spending our hard earned money. Paige found through the internet a sweet and industrious local family growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers with their own sweat, love, and labor and it was a privilege to meet them, receive a tour of their property, have my kids help pick their own yellow snap peas, and then hand over our check to an individual instead of a corporation. Next stop? Organic meat, if we can find some, from an Indiana farmer. H-m-m, all this purposeful decision making could become addicting.


Sh. Kelleylynn said...

It is addicting!
The reward: you know where your money goes, where your food came from and there is so much satisfaction in this.
Great little lesson for the kids all ready...see you're homeschooling -- why wait till September!?

H and S said...

That's GREAT news!!! You're so blessed to have access to something like this!

One difficulty in doing that kind of thing in Australia is the ridiculously high price of petrol - do you have that problem yet?

Molly Sabourin said...

High petrol? Yes! It is super high here as well! Yet another reason to try and buy as much as possible within my own little town!