Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I can't live, with or without you!

At 6:30 this morning, Ben was standing by my bed in his swim suit asking how many more minutes he'd have to wait before his swimming lessons started. "Three hours," I groaned, both to him and to myself knowing that I would be answering that exact same question a thousand different times while brushing my teeth, making breakfast, and searching the house for our sunscreen and beach towels. He was dying to go to the pool. The photo above basically sums up how Ben's much anticipated "lesson" actually turned out: for half-an-hour this sweet and auburn-haired instructor tried every trick in the book to coax him into the water, but alas he'd have NONE of it!Benjamin, it turns out, is only in love with the idea of swimming, the look of goggles on his face, and the smell of Coppertone on his browning skin. "Don't worry, tomorrow is a new day." she assured me.
P.S. - I have, by the way, started challenging myself to think of song lyrics to go with the photos because I'm addicted to inane mental stimulation. Some might be a stretch so please remember just to think outside the box a little.


Sh. Kelleylynn said...

I had noticed the song references...witty! FDR is always singing a song with anything that is said...it's become a game with others.

neil said...

Song lyrics float in and out of my head all day, as well, and I love that most of yours seem to be from an era i'm very familiar with. Hooray for the 80's!

Keep it up, love it!