Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eye of the Tiger

My new favorite place in the world is the YMCA. I tried to join a year ago but my daughter, Mary, was vehemently opposed to being left in the child care room with the staff members who would grimace when I inquired about how she'd held up in my absence. Last week I had a chance to try again when my older kids started taking swimming lessons. "Do you want to stay in here and play with toys?" I asked her, and apparently she had forgotten her past trauma of being abandoned by her out of shape mother because this time she DID want to play and there were no bloodshot eyes and tearstained cheeks upon my return. Since then, I've been going every single day because my "I simply do NOT have time to exercise or twist open the cap on my vitamins" excuse has been taking a tremendous toll upon my mind, body, and emotions. Can you believe they let me drop off all four of my children so I can work up a sweat uninterrupted? Energy and I come!


kelleylynn said...

You go girl! I'll huff and I'll puff behind you...need to follow your example, here.
LOVE the song reference! Saw them in concert back in the day!

Marsha said...

Heck, just dropping the kids off would make me feel better LOL! I had to quit a year and a half ago due to the same thing.

Haven't quite found the $ to do it again either.

Molly Sabourin said...

Ooh, one of the very first cassette tapes I ever owned was Survivor (Popular Girl, High on you, On the Night We Met). "Back in the day" I would have considered you a very lucky girl to have seen their concert!

That is so true Marsha! I was just telling my husband that even if I didn't actually "workout" per se, like if instead I dropped the kids off and then hid in the locker and read a book for 45 minutes, it would still be money well spent!