Friday, June 6, 2008

A Grand Finale

Priscilla and Elijah just boarded the bus for their very last day of public school...(possibly) ever.
It is odd to think back on how anxious I was for them to become old enough to leave me for hours at a time under the direction of authority figures who had been trained in child development - how desperate I was for a break. Now here I am all set to immerse my days in the joy, frustration, and exhaustion of being continually in their presence, of carrying the responsibility of their education on my own feeble shoulders. Who knew then that they'd grow up so quickly and my increasing desire to influence them for little awhile longer would inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone and be stretched beyond my means. Well, here we go sweethearts, let's take one day at time, here...Lord Have Mercy!


Sh. Kelleylynn said...

Yes, One day at a time - the present, right? Just like Lynette wrote about in her journals.
We are both venturing into the unknown - how we will be stretched and we will learn so the Grace of God!
Molly, I truly enjoy these segments from your blog.
May I borrow this idea? Thinking that this idea may help, a little, with the miss-you-blues for the family.
BTW, all six of you are welcome whenever you wish -- we love company...I thrive on it!

Molly Sabourin said...

I certainly think you should do something similar, Kelleylynn. It would be so nice for your family and friends who will miss you dearly! I so enjoy searching out significant moments I might otherwise let pass by unnoticed and spending a few minutes each day reflecting upon them. I look forward to the birth of your own photo blog!