Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Learning to fly

As we were leaving the library this afternoon (yes, we have paid our hefty fine and the "WANTED" poster with my face on it has been mercifully taken down from behind the checkout counter) I came across this stunning looking cookbook in the "New Non-fiction" section and I nabbed it. It describes itself as a "cookbook for sustainable, seasonal, and local ingredients" and I was excited to find within its multi-colored pages, easy and fresh recipes divided up by seasons. I am embarrassed to admit that I am actually pretty clueless about which fruits and vegetables are ripe in summer, in spring, or winter, or fall, so I am learning, which is really half the battle. On a related note, I have decided that we will wait until Troy gets home from work (around 7 pm) to sit down and eat all together. For the last six months, the kids and I have wolfed down whatever pizza/spaghetti/taco meal I could assemble in the least amount of time possible without any sort of formality whatsoever. I have been less than thrilled with this arrangement and wanted to rework it as part of the overall makeover I was giving to our pantry, refrigerator, budget, and health. Last night, it felt comforting and right to set the table and gather as an entire family over a dinner of split pea soup, organic baby carrots, and homemade cornbread. Afterwards, Troy read to us on the couch and then we all said prayers before the kids went to bed. It was satisfying - such a fulfilling experience to bring nourishment in this way to those I love. I'm looking forward to our upcoming evening of black bean burritos and the Castle in the Attic (only three chapters left!) already.


Kelly said...

I read the book, Castle in the Attic, to a fourth grade class I taught two years ago. It is such a good book!

I too love family dinners. They are such a great way to wrap up your day.

Thank you for sharing!

~ Kelly