Monday, July 28, 2008

love hurts

Just before the pride and joy exhibited in this picture, there was a moment when Prissy's birthday wish come true was dampened slightly by the throbbing sensation of two pink and sparkly flower earrings being thrust through her tender flesh. It was touch and go there for a second at the Piercing Pagoda - would she ever recover from the trauma? We discovered this afternoon there is little that cannot be healed by way of time and some chocolate covered marshmallows. What a day! What an adventure! What a big girl!


Jenny said...


This is totally beautiful and heartbreaking too. I love the song, love the photo, love the "snapshot of the day" concept. But I'm wondering--did you snag yourself a nanny? However are you managing to put up three blogs and write a book? I'm totally in awe.

Molly Sabourin said...

Hi Jenny!

It's good to hear from you. I have so many questions about Hawaii, your book project, etc. I couldn't find a nanny who'd work for coffee instead of cash, so instead I stay up very late in the evenings and the use the kid's afternoon quiet times to get my work done. This photo blog, oddly enough, has been such a blessing - a great way to find at least one thing significant in each and every day and a perfect small distraction from the intensity of the manuscript. I realized that, also oddly enough, writing, and the creative aspects of blogging, were the only hobbies that at this point in my life were bringing me energy rather than zapping it from me. Thus, I do not garden, bake, watch television, knit, dust, etc. To each her own, I suppose :).

I wish we had more time and opportunities to talk shop!