Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Times?

In 1979, my parents, brother, and I gathered in our brown living room, in front of our brown couch, on top of our brown rug, for a portrait that would capture forever the staleness of our decor. I know my mom was not alone in her affinity for earth, or perhaps more accurately "dirt," tones; I realize that heavy wooden fixtures, silk flower arrangements, and drab oil paintings were all the rage, but considering their current house with its breezy elegance and vibrant palette of rusts, and greens, and whites, I am surprised that my mother and father subjected us and our living space to such uninspired monochromaticisim. Fortunately, we ourselves were obviously super stylin'. Thank goodness for Prell shampoo and polyester!


neil said...

Wow. Looks very familiar. I have a photo much like this of my fam. only I was also holding my pet hamster, also golden brown!

Molly Sabourin said...

I think I know that hamster. He lived in my brother's room for awhile. I can still smell his cage and hear the squeaking of his wheel. :) What glorious childhoods we had!