Monday, July 21, 2008

How I love the simple things

Troy and I were just recently reminiscing about the days when we were young, childless and both working full-time. We went out a lot - for breakfast, for drinks, to dinner, to the movies, with friends, by ourselves, whenever we felt like it. It got to the point (can you imagine?!) where it wasn't even special anymore. Now eleven years later, our definition of "a good time" has been altered quite considerably. On Sunday, for example, we had a rip-roaring afternoon of swimming at the YMCA followed immediately by a competitive few rounds of Wheel of Fortune, made that much more enjoyable by our indulgence in cupcakes and coffee. We spent nothing, not a penny; I lost the game and everything, but man did it feel good to be together.


Sara said...

Our best times are also ones spent as a family, watching movies, playing games, whatever. The kids love time spent with mom and dad and we have fun too! Of course it is nice to go out alone once in a while. By the way, happy anniversary! Love you lots!