Friday, December 12, 2008

I saw one (difficult to assemble) viking ship come sailing in...

When: December 25th, 2003

Where: A fairly nondescript two-flat in Chicago containing memories so sweet and significant, my heart burns if I merely dabble in the act of reminiscing by viewing photos from holidays past and then remembering the sights, smells, and tears shed during our time there- both from pain and hysterical laughter.

Context: My mother and I piecing together a brand new Playmobil ship for a very anxious and impatient Elijah in my redder than red dining room.

Conclusion: Five years later, I find the details have shifted, filtered themselves and settled neatly, seamlessly, into a yet another sealed and airbrushed layer of my history, the whole of which has been nothing short of thrilling, terrifying .... extraordinary.


Sandy said...

The swift passage of time is both beautiful and frightening all at once!Thanks for the post (and for playing Sufjan who is a personal favorite!).