Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't hate me because I'm stylish

There is a very fine line between "shabby chic" and "tacky," which I crossed when purchasing this lamp at a thrift store last summer. The five dollar price tag and earthy color scheme hijacked my good senses and lured me into an impulse buy I would obviously soon regret because...c'mon now, look how hideous it is. I mean, what would be the theme in a living room where this eye sore was perched on a side table? I am guessing 1970's Patriotism, which I promise you the rest of my home decor does not reflect - although I did tell my husband, as a joke, of course, that I planned to stencil the phrase, "We the People..." on the open wall space above our new un-cool antique. He smiled, but in a worried kind of way because actually, I am quite unpredictable.


kelleylynn said...

Colorful! Alarming!
No, I, honestly, can see the interest...and the whimsical moment in what prompted you into making this purchase. Maybe, it can harmonize someplace...hmm, but where?, that is the question?
BTW, love, love, love Sixpence non the Richer (saw them as opener for Barenaked Ladies - yes, I love them...I'm half Canadian, eh!)

kelleylynn said...

one more thing..."You Go Girl!" You're so stylish!'re an amazing spirit!

neil said...

Molly, not you have a bunch of spare time for another project, but you could decoupage that lampshade. You could even leave some of what you like poking through... Oddly, I can totally see the appeal of this purchase, as well!

Molly Sabourin said...

I really appreciate your open mindedness about the lamp and my questionable taste! Decoupaging (sp?) sounds scary but intriguing, like something I could get addicted to if I could ever figure it out.

neil said...

If you ever do find you have a little time ( or can't resist another distraction) and if you're planning on not keeping that lamp shade around, give it a try, it's easier than you think to get started.

-scraps of cool but thoughtfully chosen paper
-a jar of Modge Podge or Golden Acrylic GAC 800 from your local art store
-a brush

That's it! Of course, if you're like me and art projects sit "in the waiting" for years, just take that thing to a thrift store and be done with it. You'll feel better. ; )

Jenn said...

I see exactly why you liked definitely would have had a home in 5W fall of '96, in between the nook and on top of one crusty cream of wheat melded pot.